The Next Government Shutdown(?)

The date for the next government shutdown is set. April 29th, 2017. Maybe. As if this isn't dramatic enough, this date happens to lie up to be the 100th day of the Presidency of one Donald Trump. If you want the history of this "first 100 days" thing, you can find more information here. There you'll… Continue reading The Next Government Shutdown(?)


Correlation versus Causation

I really, really wish this wasn't necessary. If you have ever argued on social media, somebody has told you that correlation does not imply causation. Yet it seems like people think it only applies to the other side of a debate and never their side. So I'm going to give you examples on why a simple correlation… Continue reading Correlation versus Causation

Measures of Central Tendency (Or Why You Shouldn’t Trust Averages)

Today I want to cover what are called measures of central tendency. The measure used most often is average. In my hobbyist opinion, average is abused and misused too often, leading to a misunderstanding of what it really means. Averages Average is one of the worst facts you can offer to somebody. The feeling I… Continue reading Measures of Central Tendency (Or Why You Shouldn’t Trust Averages)

The Nash Watch and an Introduction to Game Theory

For those of you who don't know, I've been watching HBO's Game of Thrones lately. I watched up to Season 4 Episode 2 when it released and have now re-watched (as of writing) into season 5. Personally, I don't mind spoilers. But I know many of you do. So I will let you know which links have… Continue reading The Nash Watch and an Introduction to Game Theory

Beginner’s Economics of Immigration

Introduction First off, one of the latest news story was centering around Donald Trump's executive order to bar citizens of certain Muslim countries from legally entering the country, even if they have already been given approval. Let me be clear: this is not a "strong border" issue. This is not a safety thing. Thanks in no… Continue reading Beginner’s Economics of Immigration

The 20% “Tariff”

The President is floating an idea of a 20% tariff. This is one of the few topics that a vast majority of economists can agree on: this is a bad idea. It's an attempt to get Mexico to pay for the wall but will more likely lead to a trade war. Governments and businesses are more likely to benefit from a trade war than consumers. Protectionism in today's increasingly global economy is not a good idea.