Hello all, my name is David Hardage. I’m starting this blog as a medium to discuss economics and put policies, news, and contemporary economics in terms that anybody can understand. My primary audience will be the generation of which I am a part: millennials.

Blamed and chastised, praised and hopeful, the millennial generation is growing up in a brand new world that our parents could not imagine.

This includes the world of economics. An inexact science, part statistics and part sociology and so much more, the study of the economy and all that it entails has seen its share of upheaval.

I define millennials as people born in the early 80’s to the middle of the 90’s. This is a loose definition because the sociological literature has yet to pick one year. Beyond that, it’s hard to distinguish Gen Y/Millennials from Gen X/Baby Bust before us and Generation Z after us.

It is my hope to lay everything out cleanly and correctly. If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, or criticisms, feel free to reach out to me at millennialabsoluteadvantage@gmail.com.